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The Founded and Foundead

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( Luton Rock Band
1981-1982 )
Steve Lewis (17) - vocals, Leah Harlow (21) - Guitar, Alistair McCaig - Bass (18), Dave Lewis (19) - Drums


Lewis .....Aerosmith & Iggy Pop
Harlow ...Brian May, J Perry & Hendrix
Ali .........Sabbath & Motorhead
Dave ......The Rich Kids & Pistols

The much valued original Vinyl Record on
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...Virtually alive and Still Kickin (2007)

Run to Hell (Harlow / Lewis ) sample mp3
Looking for love sample (Founded) sample mp3
Plus bonus tracks....
Feel Your Love (Harlow)
Run to Hell
( live at the Plume )

From the vinyl Heroes Label 1982
to Digitally remastered Classy Stuff Music 2006 out April 2006

The very first online New Wave Of Brititsh Heavy Metal compilation

Free download
Metal Mirror
JJ's Powerhouse
Deep Switch

Run to Hell and Looking for Love were recorded on a Fostex 4 track at a little studio called Heroes in Barbers lane at the back of the Arndale Centre, Cheapside, Luton, Beds, England.and can be seen as a ruin on Google Earth. look for Barbers Lane/Silver Street central Luton and you'll see a triangle shape room. with no roof.


The single continues to travel the world in auctions and record fairs and latest is that it was recently sold for $240 in a USA auction back in 2007 check this link out

The record is of a young UK working class rock band that was a classic legendary NWOBHM of 1982

If you have one of the singles please sign the guest book and let us know the latest price

The Record ...

Leah Harlow & Alistair McCaig recently got together linked up on line
during the Covit-19 perios and re-recorded the song on the Founded single,
Steve Lewis was not available due to health problems so Leah did the singing

and using same Gibson Les Paul as on the single

Looking for Love (April 2020)

Run to Hell (April 2020)

All sold probably within a few weeks of release. But this had it's share of bad luck at the time because when the Record came back from the French manufacturer we received hundreds of records with our label stamped on it but a French band playing. All had to go back to France and sorted again.

When we eventually received the record about two months later it came with the insignia stamp of the "Porky Prime Cut" which to record collectors is supposed to mean something good.

Dave & Ali in newspaper cutting 1982  
Set list 1982

a Division
Run to Hell
Sick 'n' Tired
Looking for Love
Passionate Pilgrims
Can't take anymore
Million notes
Back street woman
Walk into my life
What's on your mind
Don't ask me why
My Generation


Flyer from the Luton College gig back in 1982 thanks to Tim Gale and Steve Rothwell
probably the last gig for Founded before the accident

June 1986 Steve was back and although they considered using the Founded name chose not to as Ali and Dave were doing other things, so came up with the name Beauty and the Bitch.

As Beauty and the Bitch ....
S Lewis vocals,
L Harlow Guitar,
L Moyse Drums,
C Moony Bass,

Recorded "Feel you love", "Good Luck Charm and Founded number "Walk into my Life"

Walk into my Life was the last song written in the Founded and was only performed once at the Plume of Feathers and last performed 11 Sept 1996 at The Pheasant, Dunstable by Beauty and the Bitch (II).

Founded (1982)
HA Division was recorded in barbers Lane Feb 1982

HA Division
2.2 Mb
The quality is low as to the age of the tape but it Rocks

Beauty and the Bitch (1986)
MP3 files are all from cassette demo tapes from 20 years ago so quality is not that great ok?

Walk into my Life
3.2 Mb
Recorded at Hardwick village studios,
Aylesbury, England
October 1986.
Good Luck Charm
3.7 Mb

...A piece of nostalgia
Last Chance
(Live at the Luton Carnival 1985)

Roll Over Beethoven
(Chuck Berry)

A collection of Amnesia, Founded
and The Rattlesnakes got together a little
band for this one off at the Luton Carnival
and named it Last Chance

3.4 Mb


Sound taken from video recording

S Rothwell - Guitar, Amnesia
M Tebbit - Vocals & Bass, Amnesia
G Herbert - Drums, Rattlsnakes
L Harlow - Guitar, Founded
The Pleasure Seekers (Live at The Wheatsheaf Dunstable 1989)
Massacre in Bridge Street

This band lasted a few gigs and were a very
"Hanoi Rocks" style/sound with Steve
lower down in the mix for a change. This was
a gig at the Famous "Dunstable Wheatsheaf" 1989
3.3 Mb

Download MP3

Remember these are from crude tape recordings two mics placed in front of the band so the quality isn't great.

Bass - Phil Scotty?
Vocals - S Lewis
Guitar - L Harlow
Drums - G Herbert

Coming soon...

Beauty and The Bitch
(Live at The Horn of Plenty 1987)......
"The Notorious Nightmare in St Albans"