A Touch of Class page to Neal Alpert of Manhattan Cable TV who we think is in the vein of our own James Whale in the UK and dont we love James.


On Manhattan Cable TV, Channel 57, MNN

New York




The Neal Alpert TV Show


With co-host's Ronit Angel & Barbra Hayes

Dear Friends , viewers, fans and associates , the chiller convention at the
Sheriton this weekend was a fantastic hit . For them & the show. Seems as
though we have enough prime footage for at the next 4 shows. Before we talk
music , lets talk celebrity first. We met , hung & partied with Lou Ferrigno,
David Soul (Hutch) , Linda Blair, Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Karen Gorney
(Sat. Night fever), Zacharley, Ox Baker, Playmates (Playboy) DeDe Lind, Patti
Reynolds & Lisa Marie Scott. The double D girls, Debbie D & Debbie Dutch. Who
will be appearing in one of Neals (soon to be produced) concept videos. It
was rock & ghoul to the max. The bands featured & appearing on the show was ,
Neal Smith (Drummer of ."the Alice Cooper Band".) Also Blue Oyster Cult's
(The Reaper) founder & lead guitarist Dennis Dunaway., along with DFX,
Asylum66, & The Dead Elvi . The Bands & press were great, the women fantasic.
Thanks to all who came to see the show and the fans who came & partied with
us,. As well as Co-hostes's Ronit Angel & Barbra Hayes, Walter & Dennis (our
camera crew) Congrats to a job well done & arranged by Ms. Barbra
Hayes(Queens Marketing Director) And we did miss you.

And we just got news from Anthony Micheals that we've had our video shown on the show