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3rd August 1996

Gig no. 1

Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London

Other bands: Wicca (from Watford) Mocking Bird (from Australia)

Our first gig


24th August 1996

Gig no. 2

Club V, Upstairs at the Garage, Islington, London

Other band: Massive Ego

We had to carry our gear through the kitchens downstairs

above: drummer Lee

19th January 1997

Gig no. 3

Half Moon, Putney, London

No other bands

Our drummer got lost and we had to direct him from phone even though I had given him a London map book a few days beforehand


1st March 1997

Gig no. 4

Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London

Other bands: Pablo Haggis, Preod

I got the nickname Baby Bass on account of my bass playing by one of the other bands

Audio recorded


10th April 1997

Gig no. 5

The Square, Harlow, Essex

Video recorded


19th April 1997

Gig no. 6

The Rayners, Harrow

Other band: Mac Floyd

Lee got nervous due to the large crowd and almost lost his timing

above: our mascot, the Rocking Badger

21st April 1997

Gig no. 7

King’s Head, Fulham, London

Other bands: Kreed, Keruna

One of the other bands telephoned me before the gig to borrow our gear, I said no


25th April 1997

Gig no. 8

Canterbury Arms, Brixton, London

Other band: Precious

Drummer Lee's last gig before being kidnapped by aliens



8th May 1997

Gig no. 9

London School of Economics, The Strand, London

Other bands: Nude, Ian King

No foldback, shame about the PA but we played well nonetheless

above: drummer Louise

11th May 1997

Gig no. 10

Laurel Tree, Camden, London

Other band: Ruder

Well, apart from a massive punch up downstairs and the police closed the roads around the venue to calm things down, we were totally unaware what was going on outside and had a great gig


29th August 1997

Gig no. 11

Worcester Park Tavern, Worcester Park, London

Other band: Dumpy's Rusty Nuts

Louise’s last gig and also Christies favourite, playing to a great crowd at the Tavern as usual always a great place to play

Audio recorded





16th December 1997

Gig no.12

Grey Horse, Kingston, Richmond

No other bands

Rob's first gig with us


21st December 1997

Gig no. 13

CineBar, Rayners Lane, Harrow, London

Other band: U2our

What a venue with Marilyn Monroe, movie sets and spacemen all over the venue


25th May 1998

Gig no.14

Half Moon, Putney, London

Other band: More Alanis Set


11th April 1998

Gig no. 15

Duke of Lancaster, Barnet

Other bands: Voltage, Hokum


5th May 1998

Gig no. 16

Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London

Other bands: Passion House. Lunatic & Heavy Q Connection (from Japan)

Leah jumps of the stage and is in the accident ward the next day with a painful burning knee


30th May 1998

Gig no. 17

Duke of Lancaster, Barnet

Other band: Hokum

above: drummer Red Rob

26th September 1998

Gig no. 18

Half Moon, Herne Hill, London

Other band: Fleetwood Bac

One of Leah’s favourite gigs


1st October 1998

Gig no. 19

The Square, Harlow, Essex

Other bands: Stoneflies, Furburger

Audio recorded


8th October 1998

Gig no. 20

The Standard, Walthamstow, London

Other band: The Anoraks


1st December 1998

Gig no. 21

Hope & Anchor, Islington, London

Other band: Mouthwash

A venue with a lot of rock'n’roll history


3rd December 1998

Gig no. 22

The Standard, Walthamstow

Other bands: Soup of the Day, Sprog


16th January 1999

Gig no. 23

Superelasticbubbleplastic club, The Monarch, Camden, London

Other bands: Mouthwash, Sun Machine

Thanks to Herbie for putting us on, Sun Machine were good

Audio recorded



7th February 1999

Gig no. 24

The Standard, Walthamstow, London

Other bands: Large, Fernandez Must Die


13th February 1999

Gig no. 25

The Peel, Richmond

Other bands: Charlie Don't Surf, Parallel (from France)


7th May 1999

Gig no. 26

Red Eye, Islington, London

Other bands: Lewd, Little Big Eye

29th May 1999

Gig no. 27

Big Red Machine, Ockham, Guildford

Other bands: Veg, The Anti Nowhere League

Our first festival & bikers gig for the London Hells Angels and it was a great day giving over an hour original set.


15th Ocotber 1999

Gig no. 28

The Rayners, Harrow, London

Other band: Carvin Jones

A memorable gig with the great Carvin Jones and his Band from USA

above: the great Carvin Jones from Phoenix, Arizona

8th February 2000

Gig no.29

HQ Club, Camden Lock, London

Other band: Manu Touch


25th February 2000

Gig no. 30

The Rayners, Harrow, London

Other band: Chickenshack

Supporting the legendary Stan Webb


18th May 2000

Gig no. 31

The Square, Harlow, Essex

Other bands: Lethal Peach, Blue Baker

Video recorded


24th August 2000

Gig no.32

The Red Eye, Islington, London

Other bands: Beyond the Function, In your skin, Speedophile


27th August 2001

Gig no. 33

The Park, Bedford

Other bands: Ocean, Denny, Handbag Honeys

An all day open air charity event, we did our first cover: ZZ Top's 'Gimme All Your Loving'


8th January 2002

Gig no. 34

Horn Reborn, St Albans

above: with new drummer James in the studios of Totalrock

1st June 2002

Gig no. 35

The Rayners, Harrow, London

Other band: Atomic

above: getting ready to film for Showcase TV

3rd June 2002

Gig no. 36

The Rayners, Harrow, London

Other bands: Johnny Casanova, Savages, Beatle Band

Golden Jubilee gig (Leah's second Jubilee gig)


7th June 2002

Gig no. 37

Woodstock, Cheam, London

Other band: Fleetwood Bac

Our second cover, Kylie's 'La La La song' must to the disgust of the hardened rockers

Audio recorded

above: video clip from Showcase TV

6th November 2002

Gig no. 38

The Derby, Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

Other bands: Kathryn Grimm, Eileen Carey, the Shredmistress

Our only foreign gig at the FemMuse

  Drummer colour code        
    Lee   1996-1997  
    Louise   1997  
    Red Rob   1997-2000  
    Andrew   2001  
    James   2002  
    Stevie Lovelight   2002  
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