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The Unultimate Rockopedia
Guide to Street
Many books about bands just give the big bands but this book will hopefully fill in some of the gaps. It is about the lesser-known bands that never make it to the big books and so they now have their own book. It is based on my own record collection and aims to give a brief description and history of each band and its members. Included in the description is a list of known recordings released by each band

The story is about a postman who wants to be a professional musician but his dreams are interrupted by the First World War. Suffering injuries he returns home to find the world a different place.

A general observation of the people of Britain, in particular a small section of the population known as chavs, in pictorial form along with a brief description
ISBN: 9781425964740
ISBN: 9781467880725
ISBN: 9781467883276
Published by Authorhouse
Published by Authorhouse
Published by Authorhouse


Also available at Barnes & Noble
Also available at Barnes & Noble
Also available at Barnes & Noble
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Rebels Don’t do the Washing Up
Single available on Amazon and i-Tunes

I wrote this song based on a lazy friend but ultimately the song is about people who justify not doing something by declaring themselves as being somebody, in this instance by declaring oneself as a rebel then they can get themselves out of doing the housework.





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